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The Essential Knives Every Home Cook Needs

5 minutes to readJul 18, 2022
Publisher - Great British Food Awards


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Whether it’s summer picnics, BBQs or alfresco dining, you put a lot of thought into what you are going to serve your family and friends and the planning of this is paramount, but what about your knives?

When preparing your feasts, your cutting tools are also of vital importance. This can mean the difference between a bruised tomato versus a perfectly sliced one, a poorly cut piece of meat versus precise servings or a squished freshly bought loaf versus perfect portions!

I.O.Shen knives use Japanese steel to produce phenomenally sharp knives, which, due to the strength of the steel, keep their edges for a staggering amount of time! They have a 15 degree angle which means that you can dictate even the thinnest of slices and they have western handles, which sit perfectly in your hand and have a sublime balance.

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A small prep knife is always incredibly handy – we adore the pointed paring knife which is not only perfect for trimming the fat from your meat joints but also perfect for holing strawberries for your pimms!

A larger “vegetable” knife will help with your side and salad preparation, making quick work of root vegetables and softer skin fruits too. We love the Maoui Deba for this type of work. Designed by Chef Karim Maoui for a multi-purpose all-rounder. This could be your go-to knife for almost everything!

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A larger slicing knife finishes off your basic set. This could be in the form of a traditional Chef’s knife or something more Oriental like the Suraisu Slicer (designed by Chef Wayne Sullivan). These larger knives slice through your meat joints or fish with precision and ease leaving no unsightly cutting marks or tears.

If you’re in the market for a bread knife to cut your freshly cooked bread, then look no further than the extra-long serrated bread knife. The scallops have been designed by a master baker to prevent your bread crushing and the knife is extra-long to work with larger loaves. It even has a rounded end so you can use it as a palette knife for cake making!

These knives are designed in the UK to the highest standard, with customer service which you can only get from a family run business. Find us at and use code GBFM at checkout for free delivery.

Facebook: I.O.Shen, Instagram: @ioshenknives and twitter @ioshenknives

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