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Why to Go for Goat

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Jul 19, 2019
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Why to Go for Goat

Summer is a time where many of us aim to eat a little healthier to feel good and get into shape, though it can often come naturally to want to eat lighter meals as the weather warms up. If not going vegan or veggie, the usual options to go for as the main component of a healthy summer meal are chicken and fish, sticking to white meats or nutrient-rich seafood. That’s not to say however that red meat is avoided all together, lean cuts of lamb or beef can also make for a good source of protein.

In this post though we ask, have you ever considered including goat meat in your meals? The less popular ingredient here in the UK is, in contrast, the most commonly consumed red meat in the world! Goat meat is widely consumed throughout Africa and Asia and is very much a delicacy in some parts of Europe.

If you are wondering where you can source goat meat, as it is of course not widely available in our supermarkets, we recommend heading over to Graig Farm. They are an independent, family run business committed to sustainable farming, high standards of animal welfare and exceptional quality produce. At Graig Farm, they have been supplying goat meat throughout the UK via mail order for many years and have seen a huge growth in sales in recent times.

All of their goats are reared outside where they can forage in their natural habitat. Not content with just eating grass, they will take advantage of the young growth in trees and hedge rows which they are sure contributes towards the delicious flavour. The meat is very rich and generally much leaner than lamb. With many cuts available along with sausages, steaks, burgers and mince, you will certainly be able to work goat meat into your home recipes.

Goat Burgers

A very traditional way to enjoy goat is in a curry – why not try cooking a leg of goat on the bone using Indian flavours, serving with some delicious steamed rice and chapati bread? The meat could also be stewed in pieces in a Moroccan-style tagine paired with a fruity cous cous salad. Or if you’d prefer to use it in a dish that requires fewer ingredients, Graig Farm’s goat sausages could be enjoyed with sweet potato and roasted vegetables for a lighter twist on the classic bangers and mash.

Goat Curry

Not only is goat distinctive in flavour and versatile, it also provides a host of health benefits. It is a great fat burner due to the Vitamin B content, high protein values and low levels of saturated fat, therefore helping to control weight. It also has higher levels of iron when compared to a similar serving size of beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Researchers claim that in those that consume goat, the risk of cancer is dramatically reduced due to the high levels of CLA (a fatty acid linked to the prevention of cancer). But perhaps the biggest health benefit to eating goat is the reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease and other serious heart conditions. This is partly due and unsaturated fats, thus improving blood cholesterol levels.

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