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What’s in Season: September

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Dani R

Sep 07, 2021
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Our handy guide to cooking and eating tasty British produce

Eating seasonal food is good for the planet (fewer food miles) and also ensures great-tasting food, as vegetables in season are at peak freshness. You’ll be able to find seasonal produce at your local market, and veg box schemes like Riverford and Abel & Cole deliver organic, seasonal fruit and veg. September is a particularly bountiful month - you’ve still got the summer vegetables, like runner beans and summer squash, but they’re joined by carrots, cauliflowers, other root vegetables and orchard fruits, such as bramley apples. We’ve got plenty of ideas for meal planning with the fresh produce that the autumn has to offer!

Vegetables in Season


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Harvest the mature roots of this colourful veg in September when the size of a tennis ball. We love the candy-stripe chioggia beetroots, which can be made into vibrant salads and pickles. Jack Monroe’s beetroot and lentil lasagna is a delicious dinner recipe.


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It’s the season for carrots, which make for a great side dish. Why not try them in this sumac chicken recipe, or even in Edd Kimber’s carrot and cardamom cake with brown butter icing?


Cook up a bacon, potato and cabbage gratin with this veg box staple. We’re particularly fond of sweetheart cabbage (also known as hispi cabbage or pointed cabbage). We like to steam our sweetheart cabbage and serve it with butter and pepper.


This is the month for British cucumbers, which make for a tasty snack! Slice them in your sandwiches or use them in your gin and tonic!

French Beans

This month is when you’ll get the last of your French beans, which you can steam and serve as a side dish


Any courgettes will have grown into big marrows by now! Why don’t you try making some marrow and ginger jam, or stuffing your marrow with cheese and grains, then roasting it in the oven?


‘Tis the season for parsnips, which we love as a side dish for autumn roasts. Parboil them, then roast them with a honey and black pepper glaze - delicious!


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The quintessential autumn vegetable. This pumpkin and bourbon soup is sweet, smokey and warming, while this pumpkin and chestnut cannelloni is the ultimate autumn comfort food.

Other vegetables in season: lettuce, peppers, onions, kohlrabi, cauliflower, the last of the summer squash, peas, sweetcorn, tomatoes

British Fruit in Season:

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A quintessential British fruit, apples are used in both sweet and savoury dishes (and to make cider, of course). We simply adore this recipe for pulled pork with caramelised apples and sage!

Classic Hedgerow Fruits

The hedgerows are bursting with a bounty of fruit, from sloes to rosehips, haws to blackberries. Make sloe gin by pricking sloes, placing them in an airtight jar and covering them with sugar. Once the sugar is a deep red colour, top up the jar with gin and leave it to infuse, shaking occasionally. You’ll be able to drink it over Christmas!


This fantastic fruit is best enjoyed when ripe, sweet and fresh. You can also puree peaches and use the puree to make a bellini!


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Another typically British fruit, the mellow pear tastes great with stronger flavours such as red wine and chocolate. We like this recipe for baked pears with blackberries and butterscotch sauce!


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These tasty fruits make lovely sweet-spicy relishes and chutneys, as well as elevating crumbles and cakes. For something a little different, how about this roasted plum sorbet?

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