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Tried & Tested: The Best British Charcuterie

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Mar 29, 2022
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France, Spain and Italy may be renowned for their charcuterie, but us Brits have become a dab hand at preparing delicious, cured meats too.

Embracing the joys of smoking, curing and air-drying, a growing number of skillful British producers are putting their unique spin on continental classics – with delicious results! Here are some of our current favourites

London Smoke & Cure Air-dried Chorizo, £6.95

Heritage Gloucester Old Spot pork is cured with authentic Pimenton de la Vera, garlic and red wine for an authentic chorizo with a British twist. We love that it’s coarse-ground to give it proper texture.

Dingley Dell Cured Moccus Salami, £4.75

Known for its exquisite fresh pork, Suffolk-based Dingley Dell also uses its prime Pure Red Duroc pigs to make fabulous quality charcuterie. This delicate Milan-style salami is flavoured with cracked black pepper and garlic for a simple but very satisfying treat.

London Smoke & Cure Air-Dried Bresaola, £4.95

Silverside of grass-fed retired dairy beef is cured in salt, fresh rosemary, garlic and citrus peel. The result is a fantastic bresaola with deep umami flavours and notes of bitter rosemary and lemon. A fantastic partner to deep peppery flavours and aged cheese.

Dukeshill Sliced Pastrami, £7

Wonderfully tender, full flavoured pastrami, using locally sourced British beef and a perfect blend of spices. The wafer-thin slices are perfect for sandwiches, bagels and salads.

Deli Farm Charcuterie, Beef & Horseradish Salami, £6.32 per small salami

The classic flavour combination of beef and horseradish in salami form! 100% West Country beef is infused with just enough bite of horseradish for a sausage you’ll keep going back to.

Dingley Dell Cured, £5.25 Cerrunos Ham

Dingley Dell’s take on prosciutto is everything you’d expect from a really top-quality Italian version. Sweet and delicate with an almost buttery soft texture, it just melts in the mouth.

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