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The Best British Healthfood Producers

8 minutes to readFeb 01, 2021
Publisher - Great British Food Awards

Dani R

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It’s been a rocky start to the year, but that doesn’t mean that your New Years’ resolutions need to go out the window any time soon. Now more than ever, it’s important to look after your health and wellbeing. And with companies like those featured below, it’s never been easier.

Healthy By Nature

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Win a Sugar-Free Baking Set

During lockdown, more people than ever are turning to baking. But it doesn’t have to be an unhealthy hobby; there are plenty of plant-based, low sugar bakes to choose from. To help you stay healthy in the kitchen, Total Sweet Xylitol is offering up a fantastic prize to give away: a sugar-free baking kit!

The kit, which consists of a performance cake tin, flan tin, a 22-piece utensil kit and a 1 kg bag of Total Sweet Xylitol, retails at over £50. The prize is brought to you through Total Sweet Xylitol, a natural sugar alternative that tastes and looks just like sugar, but has less calories and a much lower glycaemic index value. It can be used in baking just like sugar and the end result will taste just as sweet!

For full details and to be in with a chance of winning this great prize, click here.


Feel a Whole Lot Better with Lizi’s

Lizi’s is a brand that believes in the importance of a healthy breakfast. Initially created by two organic farmers (Dr Mick Shaw and his wife, Lizi) at a bed and breakfast in Wales, this cereal brand has since become a well-known name.

To coincide with the new year, Lizi’s is flaunting a brand-new look and now offers its cereal products in recyclable packaging. Lizi’s offers a range of nutritious granola and muesli products that are high in fibre and Glycaemic Load tested to try and avoid energy peaks and dips. They taste pretty good too!

Hive & Keeper

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Win the chance to eat honey like a bear!

Hive & Keeper is an artisan brand bringing you honey from small-scale beekeepers all across the UK. Join Hive & Keeper’s mailing list to find out more, and to have the chance to win three different British honeys fit for any honey-loving bear!

All Hive & Keeper’s honeys come from the bees that our community of dedicated beekeepers keep in gardens, fields, meadows and woodlands across the UK.


Planted is a company created to show the world how delicious dairy-free products can be. And its brand new British Oat Drink is no exception! Refreshing and versatile, the delicious drink is vegan-friendly with added calcium, vitamin D & B12.

Radnor Hills

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Get 10% off Radnor Hills’ Online Shop

It’s vital to stay hydrated, and Radnor Hills has you covered with its range of fruit juices and flavoured spring waters, which use the natural spring water from the surrounding county of Radnorshire, in Wales.

Visit its online shop now to browse its wide range of drinks from Radnor Infusions in flavours of raspberry and black cherry to cans of sparkling water. All of it makes a change to tap water and tea!

If you need a helping hand with Dry January, the company has just relaunched its Heartsease Farm range. Fiery Ginger Beer or Raspberry Lemonade make the perfect base for a Monday night mocktail!

What’s more, Radnor Hills is now offering 10% off in its online drinks parlour. Visit its shop and enter the code ‘LOCKDOWN10’ to claim a 10% discount on anything you order!


20% off OGGS® Egg Alternative Aquafaba for Veganuary!

It’s becoming easier and easier to do Veganuary, especially with products like OGGS® Egg Alternative Aquafaba on the market. Replace your eggs with this low fat, no-added-sugar substitute. It’s just 9 calories per serving AND it uses five times less Co2 to produce than eggs, meaning you can look after your waistline and the environment! Oggs Aquafaba is the ideal plant-based liquid egg alternative for all your favourite cooking and baking recipes, from quiches to meringues and cakes.

Visit the Oggs online shop to get 20% off your purchase - just add the code OGGS20 at checkout. It’s also available in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and ASDA stores and various online outlets with an RRP of £1.99.

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