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The Best British Easter Eggs 2024

Publisher - Great British Food Awards
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Mar 22, 2024
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Corcoba Candy Coated Egg
Corcoba Candy Coated Egg

Cocoba Candy-Coated Egg, £11.95,

For a bit of fun, look no further than the Candy-Coated Egg from Kent-based chocolate company Cocoba. These dreamy chocolate egg – made with smooth Belgian milk chocolate – has been drizzled with chocolate and then topped with vibrant little crunchy beans for an added pop. It looks impressive – especially complete with the fancy cellophane wrapping (all fully recyclable) - and the quality of the chocolate is easy to taste in every mouthful.

Love Cocoa, Maldon Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, £15,

Looking for a luxury egg for the vegan, or dairy-intolerant chocolate lover in your life? You’ll be pleased to hear you can call off the search. This deliciously decadent dark chocolate egg from London-based Love Cocoa uses the finest Peruvian chocolate and is garnished with hand-harvested crunchy British sea salt flakes from Maldon salt. We loved the flavour of this egg and the perfect balance of sweet and savoury really added to the taste.

Wicked and Wonderful Dark Terre Easter Egg & Sea Salt Truffles, £24.95,

This amazing egg from Great British Food award-winning brand Wicked and Wonderful is a stunning option for those who want something a bit special this Easter. Packaged with the wow-factor, the egg itself is made from single-origin fair trade 65 percent Madagascan chocolate with hints of cherry. The result is a smooth, decadent egg which melts in the
mouth. The salted caramel truffles packed inside are worth mentioning too. Deliciously rich and decadent, the salt adds a perfect layer of contrasting notes, and means you’ll want to keep reaching for more.

DukesHill Praline Chocolate Quail Eggs, £10,

Another offering from a Great British Food award-winning brand, these praline eggs are the perfect addition to your Easter table. With their fine attention to detail, the team at DukesHill have managed to create some mini eggs that look just like the real thing, and we’re big fans at GBF. The delicate and crisp sugar-crushed shells hide a delicious centre of chocolatey praline, which tastes sublime. And they’re just the right size for a sweet treat – the hard thing will be limiting yourself to just one or two!

Yvette’s Chocolate Marbled Egg Filled with Salted Caramel Truffles, £29.95,

There’s no other word for this egg than wow. We were blown away by the beautiful design of the chocolate centrepiece and the flavour of both the chocolate egg and incredible truffles nestled within. Made by Great British Food-award winning chocolatier Yvette’s Chocolates in Hertfordshire, we loved the hand-marbled exterior layer and delicious milk
chocolate honeycomb base, which means it can stand by itself! The gold-dusted caramel truffles inside are among the best we’ve ever tried and are simply
delicious. In terms of the best British Easter eggs available this year, this one has to be up there.

Lidl Triple Chocolate Marbled Egg, £6.99,

With its beautiful marbled effect, this milk, dark and white chocolate egg from GBF award-winning brand Lidl is sure to go down a treat in your house. Made by Devon-based confectioners Clarence and Bean, the egg features Fairtrade cocoa and a classic, simple design. The chocolate itself is creamy and moreish, and boasts the perfect amount of sweetness – meaning it probably won’t last long! And at less than £7, it’s well-priced too.

Chococo Honeycomb Egg, £15,

If you’re a fan of honeycomb, get yourself one of these eggs, pronto. Handcrafted by the hugely passionate team at artisan chocolatiers Chococo in Dorset, the Milk Chocolate Honeycombe Easter Egg is simply delicious. It features Chococo’s signature 47% Colombia origin milk chocolate and giant chunks of crunchy honeycombe, made by the Chococo team with local Dorset honey, studded inside. We love the gorgeous design on the eggs, with its drizzles of colour, and the taste of the egg is divine. The fact it comes
in 100percent plastic-free packaging is another boon, too.

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