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Outstanding Slow-Produced Meat

4 minutes to readOct 22, 2019
Publisher - Great British Food Awards

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1. Copas Dry Aged Whole Chicken, Prices from £14.00 or Ocado

Copas are best known for their Christmas turkeys, but they also rear free-range chickens to the same high standards. They’re also dry aged and hung for 14 days to impart a more gamey flavour.

2. Powters Chilli Pig & Scrumpy Pig, £3.33 from

British food icon icon Powters is best known for its traditional Newmarket sausages, but the team also make some of the tastiest flavoured sausages available too.

3. Farmison 14 Days Dry-aged Mutton Chop, £5.45 For 4

Taken from mature flocks, these chops have a deep flavour and make for a fantastic alternative to more conventional lamb chops.

4. The Bay Tree Redcurrant Jelly, £2.50

Juicy and tart, this superlative jelly works well with all kinds of meat, especially duck and game.

5. The Condiment Company Hot Horseradish Sauce, £2.25

This deliciously creamy sauce certainly packs a punch! Perfect with hot or cold roast beef.

6. Tiptree Wholegrain Mustard, £1.90 from Waitrose stores

A perfectly balanced mustard.

7. Hampshire Game Partridge Breasts, £5

If you’re looking to cook more wild meat, these delicately gamey partridge breasts are a great introduction.

8.Daylesford Organic Pastured Beef Shin, £7.99

Beef shin is a brilliant option for slow-cooked recipes. Daylesford’s beef herds are raised on grass pasture then dry-aged for the best flavour.

9. Great Berwick Organics Topside Roast, Price £12 per kg

Great Berwick specialise in rearing English Longhorn cattle, producing flavoursome and tender five week dry-aged beef. This joint is rolled with an extra layer of fat to keep the meat extra moist while it cooks.

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