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Reviewed: Russell & Atwell’s Chocolate Extravaganza

Publisher - Great British Food Awards
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The Great British Food team

Dec 05, 2023
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The GBF team sample the chocolatey delights from Russell & Atwell’s delicious range

Russell & Atwell’s selection of chocolates has left our taste buds dancing with delight after a thorough testing of three of their exquisite flavours. From the moment the packets were opened, it was evident that these chocolates were crafted with precision and passion.

The packaging itself was a testament to the attention to detail that Russell & Atwell puts into their products. The chocolates arrived in pristine condition, and the instructions to keep them refrigerated and take them out 10 minutes before indulging added an extra layer of anticipation to the experience. This attention to detail speaks volumes about the commitment to delivering a premium chocolate experience.

The Dirty Blond chocolates were a standout and quickly became an office favourite. These bite-sized chocolate balls transported us into a state of bliss with every mouthful. The creamy texture and the perfect blend of ingredients made it clear that these chocolates were made with both skill and love. The name Dirty Blond may evoke a sense of mischief, but the flavour was nothing short of heavenly.

The New Limited Edition Champagne Chocolates were a delight. The infusion of champagne provided a delightful hit of alcohol, creating a unique and luxurious flavour profile. Each bite was a celebration of taste, and it’s clear that these chocolates were crafted with care and expertise. The balance of sweetness and the effervescence of the champagne created a sensory delight that lingered long after the chocolate had melted away.

The Seville Orange flavour, an award-winning creation, was simply divine. The combination of rich, smooth chocolate and the vibrant, citrusy notes of Seville orange resulted in a harmonious and sophisticated taste. It was evident why this flavour had garnered awards – it was a true masterpiece, showcasing the mastery of flavour combinations.

What stood out beyond the exceptional flavours was the evident care in the crafting of these chocolates, from the selection of ingredients to the packaging. Proudly made in the UK with British cream and honey, Russell & Atwell’s chocolates are a celebration of quality and craftsmanship.

The option to shop these chocolates in variety boxes is a stroke of genius because, honestly, it’s challenging to choose just one favourite flavour. Russell & Atwell have created a true win-win situation for chocolate lovers – a symphony of flavours, quality ingredients, and a packaging that reflects the premium nature of their products. These chocolates are more than just a treat; they are an experience to be savoured and cherished. Whether you are buying for yourself, a loved one or for a birthday or Christmas gift, you are on to a winner! Boxes start from just £14 for a starter pack. Visit to find out more.

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