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Michael Shaw: “Overnight oats: just why? Make porridge, its so much nicer than that soggy sludge!”

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Sep 08, 2020
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Image for blog - Michael Shaw: “Overnight oats: just why? Make porridge, its so much nicer than that soggy sludge!”

Michael Shaw, head chef at Adam Byatt’s Bistro Union, shares his foodie loves and hates


Basically any anchovy, from cheap tinned salted ones to marinated Boquerones. I once had starter in Italy that was just a plate of anchovies in 5 different forms!!

Fresh Bread

Maybe the best food ever? Best served with lashings of salted butter. I love baking it almost as much as eating it. Getting a bread machine as a young kid was great, but moving onto the real thing and making it with your hands from start to finish is so rewarding.

Classic Steak, Chips & Green Peppercorn Sauce

This would be a Saturday night treat growing up. My Dad did this brilliantly, and its always held a special place. Always remember starting to help him in the
kitchen as I started to get interested in food.

Wild Mushrooms

I absolutely love them, particularly girolles. The ones from Scotland are fantastic, and the flavour and aroma they add to a dish is outstanding. Perfectly roast chicken, with a fricassee of girolles is a winner.

I mean, it’s just the best isn’t it? Whenever we go to my fiance’s parents, we will have a small bowl of soup for dinner, followed by a massive cheeseboard, usually 6 or 7 different types! Chutney, oatcakes, soda bread alongside, all homemade as well!

Maybe I’m biased being Scottish, but it’s such a comforting hearty flavour. And in a Scotch Egg…perfection.


Cucumbers and Melons

It’s the texture and taste for me, I must admit if it’s a gloriously ripe Charentais melon then I’ll eat it. Maybe.

Overnight Oats

Just why? Make porridge, its so much nicer than that soggy cold, unappealing sludge!

Obviously important in braises and stock etc, but as a stand alone veg to eat? No thanks.

Avocado Chocolate Cake

I tried this once and vowed to never eat it again. It was just terrible, maybe it was a bad example but its a no go from me.

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