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Life after Great British Bake Off: Peter

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Dani R

Oct 01, 2021
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We spoke to Peter Sawkins, last season’s winner, about life after GBBO

20 year-old student Peter was the youngest contestant in Bake Off history, and then became the youngest winner. He’s also the show’s first ever Scottish winner! We chatted to him about his upcoming book, and how life has changed for him since winning!

Has life changed for you since winning last year’s Bake Off?

I have gained many fun and exciting opportunities since Bake Off, like writing a book and working on creative campaigns for different brands. At the same time, however, I have still lived my everyday university life, living with my friends and sitting all the exams. It’s been a good balance of normality and new and exciting times.

What have you been up to in the kitchen recently?

I have been in the kitchen a lot, developing new recipes whenever I can. I’ve recently partnered with Bottlegreen to create original baking and drinkable dessert recipes using their cordials and seasonal ingredients. I’ve always loved using cordials in baking as they really elevate flavours when ingredients are in season and can also be used as a replacement when they’re not! The recipes I’ve created are really unique and tap into flavours from their entire range. The drinkable desserts are quite special, really decadent and indulgent for those wanting a sweet treat - similar to a mocktail but way more fun! I have also been writing and recipe testing my new book which launches soon! It’s fun that I get to call this long-time hobby of mine a job!

Have you got any exciting foodie plans in the pipeline?

The biggest foodie plan coming up is my book which will be released on October 7th. The book shares sweet baking recipes based on how and what I love to bake and why baking has become a favourite hobby of mine in the last 10 years. A lot of time and effort has gone into writing the book, but it has been brilliant fun to be creative and just focus on the baking that I love.

Any advice to amateur bakers keen to apply for the show?

If you love baking and love Bake Off, just apply. Whether you get onto the show or just into the application process, you will meet many interesting and energising people who have a shared passion for baking. When baking for the show, I think the best strategy is to bake as if you were baking for your friends and family, focusing on the things you love to bake.

Peter's Bramble Bakewell Tart

Image for blog - Life after Great British Bake Off: Peter

Want to try one of Peter’s new recipes? How about this delectable twist on a Bakewell tart, made with blackberries!

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