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Larkin Cen’s Foodie Loves & Hates

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Apr 16, 2020
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Masterchef finalist and guest judge Larkin Cen loves fresh pasta but can’t stand hard boiled eggs


Fresh Pasta

Any sort. There is nothing more comforting than a fresh bowl of pasta. Will always remind me of holidays in Italy.


My comfort food of choice. You can get really nerdy about ramen and rightly so as it’s very technical to cook. It is the thing I want to eat after a shift in the kitchen.

Kimchi and pickles

I love these as snacks or as an accompaniment at home. I love fermenting things and pickling things as a chef, too. And gherkin - I love gherkins.

Dim Sum

When I was a kid my family used to go for dim sum on a Sunday. Sadly it is a dying art in the UK as it’s very difficult to get an experienced dim sum chef.

Steak and chips

I would prefer this over a Sunday roast (just).


Overcooked vegetables

My friends say they would never invite me over to a dinner party as they would feel too much pressure, which is unfair as I love being cooked for! Saying this, there is one thing I can’t tolerate: green veg that’s been cooked until it has no texture or taste anymore. It reminds me of school dinners!

Tinned Tuna

I can guarantee that everyone has a tin in their cupboard that’s probably been there for years! I have never really understood it. It’s dry and the smell is so pungent.

Bottled mayo and ketchup on chips

I have an irrational hatred for that combo. It goes right through me, even the colour of it!

Hard boiled eggs

The smell, texture, even the “dark ring” around the yolk - I mean what even is that? I used to know a kid in school who would have a hard boiled egg in his lunchbox every day. He would peel and eat that like an orange, what a lunatic!

Larkin Cen is chef/director of Asian restaurant chain Woky Ko

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