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Justine Murphy: “White chocolate is overrated - artificial and just way too sweet”

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Sep 08, 2020
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Image for blog - Justine Murphy: “White chocolate is overrated - artificial and just way too sweet”

From hating meat pies to loving a Sunday roast, Justine Murphy, author of The mymuybueno Cookbook and founder of the mymuybueno cookery school, shares her foodie loves and hates


Roast dinner with all the trimmings.

I absolutely love a good roast on a Sunday afternoon. It’s my homely and comforting family tradition, followed by a good board game.

Thai green curry

I trained in Thailand many years ago and learnt how to make authentic Thai dishes and flavours. Using fresh Thai basil is so important, a hint of aniseed that really takes you to Thailand and back in every mouthful.


I make ramen at least once a week. It’s so cleansing and after a long day, I find it has a really calming influence on your whole body. I’ll often just have extra broth to enjoy on it’s own too.

Calamari and aioli

A huge big bowl of this, with fresh lemon squeezed all over is heaven. Really light batter is very important, I only use flour for mine.


Spam, hotdogs, any type of processed meat

I can’t stand it, the smell is just not pleasant which is enough to know I don’t want it anywhere near my mouth.

Jellied eels

When I was younger I worked in a shellfish bar in Cornwall, between these and Whelks I found my first major food hates. Ugh, no thank you.

White chocolate

I have always found it very artificial and just way too sweet.

Heavily battered foods

Anything coated in a thick heavy batter is a no no for me. It just takes away from whatever it should be inside.


I’m just not a fan. I like my pastry with sweet things, not meat.

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