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How to Be More Eco-friendly

Publisher - Great British Food Awards
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Dani R

Sep 21, 2021
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It’s more important than ever for households to reduce their impact on the planet – and there’s one easy hack that will help them do it!

There’s not a day goes by without reference to the need for us all to adopt a more environmentally responsible lifestyle and to take active steps to reduce our impact on the planet.

We’re gradually becoming more eco-friendly and learning to adapt our habits. Sorting out recycling from landfill waste; saving energy in the home; moving away from gas guzzling cars; being more water waste aware; choosing recycled and FSC approved paper – even remembering to bring a reusable shopping bag to the supermarket and a refillable cup to your local coffee shop. We’ve happily embraced these switches in an effort to tread more lightly.

But plastic pollution remains a major concern. Every year more than 1.2 billion metres of single-use cling film is used by households across Britain. And while it may save your sandwich, plastic wrap pollutes the planet.

WaxWrap is a sustainable, super convenient and long-lasting food storage solution which helps you to reduce your plastic footprint and keep food fabulously fresh.

It’s reusable handy bags, rolls and pre-cut wraps are made from just: organic cotton, organic Jojoba oil, pine resin and beeswax - allowing food to breathe the way nature intended. Unlike single use plastic WaxWrap:

- Is incredibly malleable and able to deal with the most unusual shapes whilst still creating a secure seal

- Helps save £££s AND the planet

- Won’t leach toxins into food and drink

- Won’t pollute the oceans, kill marine animals and birds or enter the food chain

- Is easy to use – and easy on the eye

WaxWrap is washable and if used correctly, should last for around a year (or approx. 200 times). What’s more, when the wrap comes to the end of its long and happy life, it’s completely compostable.

Choose from five products:

Image for blog - How to Be More Eco-friendly

Waxed Cotton Food Rolls in a choice of three sizes, starting at £12.

Image for blog - How to Be More Eco-friendly

Waxed Cotton Food Bags in a set of three, £22.50 and Waxed Cotton Food Wraps in a set of three, £16.

Adopt the wax wrap habit and play a part in reducing plastic pollution!

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