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Classic Regional Cheeses

4 minutes to readNov 01, 2019
Publisher - Great British Food Awards

Jody P

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1. Shepherds Purse Harrogate Blue, £7 for 350g

A silky blue that tastes as good as it looks. It can stand up to punchy chutneys and is soft enough to smother on a cracker. Serve with a zingy pinot blanc.

2. Cornish Yarg, £2.10

With notes of fresh citrus and earthy mushroom, this unusual cheese will certainly get your guests talking. Lighter reds like pinot noir work well with Cornish Yarg – Hush Heath is one of our favourite producers.

3. Delamere Dairy Farmhouse Mild Goats’ Cheese, £2.70

Delicate enough to sprinkle over salads or crumble onto a seasoned cracker, this goat’s cheese is a real crowd pleaser. To cut through the acidity, a fruity English bacchus would be an excellent choice.

4. Dewlay Red Leicester, £1 per 180g, available in Home Bargains stores

Mellow and mild with a delectable creaminess, this delicious cheese will go well with any chutney or condiment. You’ll need a full-bodied red to really make this cheese dance on your taste buds. Try the fruity, yet peppery London Cru Sydney St 2015.

5. Peters Yard Crisp Sourdough Breads, £5.25

Perfectly seasoned with a satisfying crunch, use these moreish crisp breads to pack and stack any combinations of cheese that you desire.

6. Sharpham Washbourne, £6.18 for 200g

A creamy and fruity ewe’s milk cheese with a pleasant spongy texture. The rich complexity of Washbourne lends itself to the moreish Sharpham Pinot Noir.

7. Morn Dew Washed Rind Cheese £8.75 for 250g

With its soft, springy texture and fruity taste, this enticing cheese would make a fantastic addition to any serving board. A crisp English rose would make a brilliant partner for this versatile variety.

8. Westcombe Farm Cheddar, £3.68

No cheese board would be complete without a classic Cheddar in the line-up. This nutty, creamy cheese is an excellent example – match it with a strong red such as Renegade London Wine Syrah 2017.

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