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9 of the Best London Dry Gins for World Gin Day

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Jun 11, 2020
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This historic spirit deserves to be celebrated! We’ve collected some of the finest London Dry gins to show just how much the classic taste can vary depending on the botanicals used

ABOUT LONDON DRY: John Burke, co-founder and commercial director at Craft Gin Club, explains the unique qualities of London Dry Gin…

“The London Dry Gin we enjoy today has come a long way from the spirit that drinkers during the eighteenth-century gin craze would have enjoyed. In the early nineteenth century the invention of the column still, which can distil clear, very precisely calibrated spirits, paved the way for the elegant style of gin we know and love today.

A London Dry doesn’t need to be made in London, but it does need to feature juniper as its dominant botanical, with no sugar, flavours or colours added in after the distillation of botanicals has taken place. It’s a very demanding distillation technique and requires a lot of expertise and experience. You definitely stand a good chance of finding a well-distilled gin if you stick with this established style.”


No 1 Ludlow Dry, £39.95

With core botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica and orris, this classic gin has been skilfully blended with subtle notes of lemon and orange peel, cardamom and hand-picked gorse flowers. Perfect for making a classic martini, or served long as a gin and tonic.

Thunderflower Gin, £37.95

A London dry all the way from Devon, made with a combination of 11 botanicals extracted by vapour infusion, this spicy Devonshire gin includes juniper, sage, green cardamom, pink peppercorn and more. Pair with a good quality tonic and plenty of ice.

Sweet Potato London Dry Gin, £30

This wonderfully herby spirit has strong flavours of coriander and lemon and is distilled in copper pots for a fantastic finish. Pair it with lavender syrup for a refreshing taste of the countryside.

Jensen’s Bermondsey Dry Gin, £26.75

Martini lovers rejoice! This old fashioned London Dry is well rounded and smooth with delicate floral and citrus notes. Shake this into an unforgettable cocktail – the best way to unwind after a long day!

Fishers Gin, £39.95

The botanicals in this gin are hand chosen by its creator and are native only to a small collection of locations across Britain, including the Suffolk coast. The salty, aromatic flavour of rock samphire shines through, allowing you to be creative with your cocktails!

Campfire Gin, £33

A London Dry with a twist – enjoy the interesting flavour combinations of hazelnut, fresh orange and piney juniper. Fever Tree is the perfect tonic for this gin, finished with a slice of orange to garnish.

Whitetail, £38

Made from ingredients native to the Isle of Mull, this distinctive gin will transport you to the breathtaking eastern coast of Scotland. Discover the unique blend of botanicals including heather, winter savoury and sea kelp – the perfect choice for the adventurous gin enthusiast.

Divine London Dry Gin, £35

This spirit has been carefully crafted with fresh Yorkshire spring water and earthy juniper. It’s lightly balanced so it can be enjoyed neat or made into a refreshing G&T. A go-to classic.

Dr J’s Gin, £38

This unusual gin is made from sugar beet vodka. It has delightful elements of macadamia nut and citrus zest. Serve it with a couple of salted capers and ice to make the flavours sing.

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