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4 of the Best Wines to Pair with your Small Plates

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Sep 19, 2019
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4 of the Best Wines to Pair with your Small Plates 

Pairing food with wine is an often talked about subject, but it can be hard to find the perfect Pinot Grigio to pair with your pasta or a sensational Shiraz to spice up your steak.

Luckily Hencote has come up with some fantastic options to simplify this cooking conundrum with the following pairing advice below:


Solaris 18 – The Solaris boasts an all-round freshness with passion fruit, grapefruit and kiwi flavours underpinned by scintillating mountain stream purity. It pairs perfectly with fresh oysters and with dishes containing white cheeses like goats’ cheese, mozzarella and burrata. It also compliments white-fleshed fish & crustaceans with herb butter sauces and green salads but leave the vinaigrette dressing.

Rosé 18 – Typically light and bright, this wine is both full of blossom perfume and red summer berries that lead to a delightfully amiable freshness in the mouth. Pair this wine with stronger flavoured fish like salmon & smoked eel to bring out the best of flavours. If fish is not your thing then enjoy this wine with charcuterie al fresco or lighter meats like poultry. This wine also works with a variety of flavours in vegetarian dishes.

Evolution 18 – Hencotes Evolution has been bottled straight after harvest and then rested for four months. This gives a lively bead and vibrant bouquet of crab apple and hedgerow herbs combined with a brilliant freshness. Really versatile, this wine offers an alternative for fresh oysters and scallops while also handling salt and spice well. Richer vegetable dishes like cauliflower risotto or salads with vinaigrette dressing are also complimented by this fantastic wine. Richer fish like turbot, lobster and creamy sauced dishes also dance when paired with Evolution.

Lifestyle red 17– This red wine is produced from Rondo grapes and is medium-bodied with forest fruit aromas. Looking to get the best out of chargrilled meats like game bird, venison, beef or lamb? Then this is the wine for you. It also carries less richer sauces making it an easy Sunday roast wine. Finally, this well rounded red can handle tomato based meals such as pizza and several delightful pasta dishes.

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