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Pickled Gooseberries in Apple & Elderflower Vinegar
Grand Champion winner

Pickled Gooseberries in Apple & Elderflower Vinegar, CRAIC Foods Ltd

Craic Pickled Gooseberries are a taste sensation. The fruit is plump, picked at perfect ripeness. Steeped and pickled in Bramley apple vinegar, honey, apple juice and elderflower with a sprinkle of sugar. The result is a perfectly balanced, great tasting product. The sharpness of the gooseberry is evident but beautifully complimented by the sweetness and complexity of the pickle. A wonderful addition to any cheeseboard or accompaniment to quality cooked meat; the gooseberries added an extra dimension on the side of roast pork dinner too. Craic pickled gooseberries will definitely impress guests at the dinner table.

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