Tarquin Leadbetter

image of judge - Tarquin Leadbetter
Tarquin mastered the art of gin distilling to set up his own business, Tarquin's Gin, using local botanicals and flavouring know-how gained while training at Le Cordon Bleu

On a mission to put taste, craftsmanship, and experience back into people’s glasses, Southwestern Distillery was established in 2012 by founder and self-taught master distiller Tarquin Leadbetter, on a hilltop overlooking the wild Cornish coast.

At 23 years old, Tarquin set out to revive gin distilling in Cornwall, an industry that had laid dormant for over 100 years, and craft a spirit using a combination of traditional and progressive techniques. Having developed his love for flavour profiles and experimenting with ingredients whilst studying at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, Tarquin was eager to set up his own business and master the delicate art of gin distilling. Starting out with a humble 0.7 litre copper still on his kitchen stove, he began experimenting with local botanicals to build up a memory bank of complimentary flavours and aromas. After much trial and error, and with the help of online tutorials, he created Tarquin’s Handcrafted Cornish Dry Gin.

Tarquin’s distinctive tasting notes come from the 12 meticulously hand-sourced botanicals used to create the brands flagship gin, each sourced by Tarquin.

Image of judge - Tarquin Leadbetter

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